Paste Gaysorn จ.กรุงเทพมหานคร

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Paste Thai restaurant lies in the heart of Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong district adjacent to the Intercontinental Hotel, and is considered to be one of Bangkok’s best restaurants.
Award winning Chef/Owner Bee Satongun constructs creative dishes based on traditional techniques which carry the breath and soul of Thailand in every bite. Her menu is carefully focused on delivering an inventive interplay of Thai flavors and textures, guiding the diner on a gastronomic exploration of noble and provincial Thai dishes.
The guiding philosophy at Paste is to maintain an ever-changing seasonal menu, showcasing the very best native produce. Whenever possible, we source directly from the oceans, the river beds, local farms and the wild forests of northern Thailand. Motivated to unearth hidden culinary treasures, Chef Bee continually researches, tests and polishes historical recipes and traditions, many of which have been all but forgotten. She travels frequently across the diverse landscapes of rural Thailand to discover, gather and collect diverse ingredients which cause her carefully balanced dishes to shine.
เปิดทำการ · 12:00–14:00, 18:30–22:00

สภานที่ : ถนนเพลินจิต (ชั้น 3 Gaysorn ) ปทุมวัน

เบอร์โทร : 02 656 1003

เว็บไซต์ : 10330

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