Hydrogen is the future energy??


Prof. Masakazu Toyoda

Hydrogen session in SETA ASIA has been gaining more attention and become one of the highlight in the event. Led by  a prominent and influential figure to energy industry in Japan - Prof. Masakazu Toyoda, I believe you will gain knowledge and opportunities from this event.


Hydrogen is the future energy??
Hydrogen is the future energy??

Pras Ganesh

Vice President, Corporate Planning, Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In his capacity as the Hydrogen “Council Secretary” of the coordination committee in 2017, he was instrumental in dialogue with investors, including during UN Climate Week in New York, and with policy makers during COP 23 at Bonn. Currently, he has responsibility towards corporate planning for the engineering & manufacturing operations across Asia.


Andrew Want LLM

 Since 2011, Andrew has worked with leading corporations, government bodies and research agencies in Australia, Asia and Europe, to establish industrial scale renewable energy production, export and supply chains based on renewable hydrogen energy storage - leveraging Australia’s huge solar and wind energy resources to support development of secure, reliable, zero-carbon energy and transport systems across the Asia-Pacific region.

Hydrogen is the future energy??


Hydrogen Society

Session Mission

This session attempts to discuss a variety of issues regarding how the hydrogen society

would look like. Why carbon free hydrogen is important in order to achieve sustainable developments? How and where such hydrogen can be produced and utilized? What are challenges and how they can be overcome? What impacts hydrogen society would have on the economies of fossils fuels producing countries?  When such hydrogen society can be realized and so on?


The Hydrogen Society
Why it is necessary and how we can make it possible?

- DR. Aqil Jamal
Chief Technologist
Carbon Management R&D
Saud Arabia

- Mr.Andrew Want
Executive Director
Renewable Hydrogen Pty Limited

- Mr. Pras Ganesh
Corporate Planning Division
Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

- Prof.Masakazu Toyoda
Chairman and CEO, The Institute of Energy Economics Japan(IEEJ)

2018 Highlights

SETA 2018 is expected to draw some 100 speakers from 25 countries, and 150 exhibitors. Based on the level of interest in previous editions, it is expected that over 7,500 visitors from 50 countries will attend SETA 2018.


Kicking off the event will be a CEO Forum themed Future Energy Outlook, where business and government leaders will discuss both future energy policies and plans, as well as how current and future technologies can help address Asia’s rapidly expanding energy use.


“ASEAN Energy Forum” 
Eneregy Inter-connectivity in ASEAN
Plus: One belt One road

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